My name is Camilla, I live about 30 minutes drive from Oslo, with my daughters, Kristine and Renate, our dogs Fauna and Kristine`s whippet, Safira, our cat Merlin and our 2 guinea pigs.

I was 3-4 years when the first dog came along, Blackie was poodle who at a young age got epilepsy and was put to sleep. Not long after this began mum with  German shepherd and my animal interest awoke in full. Horses, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats ... many animals have been in my life. Not infrequently I stood with doe eyes and winked at mom to get a new family member, usually it went smoothly.


I was around 18 when I wake up to the world's most magnificent race. Mastiff .... Great was my grief when I realized that it was almost impossible to get puppies from these wonderful dogs.

One day in 97, called my friend Tone, she had seen an ad about mastiff puppies and Kajsa came in to my life. She was a little feminine Mastiff, with great personality. One must look far for her personality. I was sold.


In 2014 a new puppy moved to us, an 8-week-old female of the breed Norwegian Buhund and I have to say I have fallen completely for this breed.


I run a small kennel, has rarely puppies. My dogs live inside the house with me and they are family member in full.

Important for me is health and temperament. Of course, it is positive with the good looks, but for being a good family dog, it is important that the temperament is in order and that the dog has a good and healthy body.

To learn more about me and my family, contact me on phone or mail.

Anyone who wants to take a trip to visit are warmly welcome.


Phone 0047 418 53 991